Anyway, I'm curious to know what narrative songs you guys like.

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The ballad derives its name from medieval dance songs or "ballares" (: , to dance), from which 'ballet' is also derived, as did the alternative rival form that became the French . As a narrative song, their theme and function may originate from and traditions of storytelling that can be seen in poems such as . Musically they were influenced by the . The earliest example of a recognizable ballad in form in is "" in a 13th-century . This means that the two words, ballad and ballet, are both derived from the French language.

A simple narrative song, or, alternatively, a narrative poem suitable for singing. ()

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It is funny, I heard that song on the radio today and my husband told me that it was written by Shel Silverstein. I’d never realized that. Of course, he also penned one of the other great narrative songs, I’m Being Eatten By A Boa Constrictor. OK, OK, I spend a lot of time with 4 year olds….

I’ve actually been working on burning a couple CDs of narrative songs. I’ll put the play list up when I’m done.

My favorite narrative song is I love it so much because of its subtle but still very oppressive eeriness (I also love the part that displays not-so-subtle eeriness, i.e. the part about her mother's burning flesh and decay) and the wonderful sense of place the song evokes with both the ghostly, watery textures of the music and the descriptive, but not too descriptive lyrics. The line "I ran past the churches and the crooked old mailbox, past the apple orchard and the lady that never talks" is so fvcking perfect in terms of immersing the listener in a certain moment. It also serves its purpose in terms of describing a world devoid of warmth and comfort, which is essential in a song about the death of one's mother. The song's incredibly strong sense of place does so much to make me feel the pain of losing a mother simply because it makes the cirumstances feel real even tho they have a kind of surreal dream-like undertone. I also love the way the music adapts to the specific moments of the story. For instance, how the song gets all druggy and unstable-sounding when she's talking about the ground giving way beneath her feet. I also love the totured way she belts out "I curse the angels!"

A simple narrative song, or a narrative poem suitable for singing. The ballad usually has a short , such as: