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Mahad 1 Kowar Mahad
Narrative Essay Rough Draft
Essay Fundamentals 1021-02
February 18, 2016
My Father
Can you imagine losing your father, a man who was everything to you? The most
significant and life changing experience in my life was when my father died. Losing a parent,
especially at an early age, is one of the most difficult things in the world; it was for me. The
sadness of that time will always stay with me. As hard as it was, though, his untimely death
provided a valuable lesson, for his death taught me how fragile, and yet valuable life is. It is now
ten years since my father died. I thought that I would get completely over it in time, but I have
not. A part of me died with him that day, but a part of me was reborn as well, and my life has
never been the same.
When my father died it was summer of 1998. I remember the day perfectly. I was coming
from school and was eager to tell my father that I had passed a test. Before I entered my home, I
could see something was not right. I did not know what it was; I just knew that something had
changed. When my eyes adjusted to the light inside, I could see the body of my father, lifeless.
My mother was crying. At first, I did not know what was happening. I tried to approach my
father, but people were holding me back, and they were crying. I somehow knew he was gone,
but at the same time, could not admit it to myself. I was in shock. Mahad 2 I can still see the face of my father, and the love he showed me. As a child, I loved my
father. He was a supportive person, as he pushed me to be great in my own way. He was always
very deliberate about what he taught me. He knew I could learn quickly, even from others, so he
wanted to make sure that he was the one who taught me what is right and what is wrong. He
taught me by example, too, as he worked very hard so that I could have a better life. He was fond
of education and loved to educate his daughters. For example, I remember once failing a test. My
father sat with me for a long time then, and showed me how to solve the problem so that I could
do well next time. Since he passed away, and even now, I try to be who my father wanted me to
be. He may be gone, but he will always be in my heart.
I lost my father, but I have not lost hope. Even at eight years old, I realized I would have
to develop strength instead of weakness. I had to gather myself and come out of my depression.
Although everything around me was changing rapidly, I knew I could no longer be daddy’s baby
girl. I realized that I needed to start seeing things differently, to change in a positive way. What
my father wanted for me, what he expected me to become or achieve in life, is what I strive for
now. His death has motivated me to reach for greatness. His death helped me become the person
I am today.

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