To summarize, the narrative essay

As a mode of expository writing, the narrative approach, more than any other, ..

is told from a particular point of view;

Making an outline of your narrative essay helps you effectively structure your story and allows you to add important elements of it. Write down all important components of your story: plot, characters, and climax in a paper. A conventional narrative essay format has a beginning, followed by sequence of events and a powerful climax. Creating a beginning that allows the readers to anticipate the course of your story will diminish the interest of the readers. Rather, write it in a way that can create curiosity in the mind of the readers and compel them to read on the whole essay.

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Understanding the differences between reflective and narrative essays can help you engage deeply with the learning that these forms can encourage. The DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning defines reflective essays as those that seek to critically examine and analyze personal experiences. By contrast, according to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, narrative essays typically contain personal storytelling with the purpose of sharing an experience or point of view. Though both modes of writing might rely on storytelling, reflective and narrative essays often differ in their purpose, structure, content and tone.

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